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It is imperative to do all site preparations before scheduling delivery of sod. Sod needs to be laid on the day of delivery.


Measure the area you wish to sod. Calculate the square feet of sod needed by multiplying the length times the width of the area measured. We harvest 16" and 24" Slab pallets, as well as 32" and 42" megarolls.


Call us at 706-215-1201 to order. Have your square footage calculated and your soil preparation completed.

Always order slightly more sod than your measurements call for to avoid running short.

If sod is not laid within 24 hours and left in stacks in warm weather it can die.

You may pick up on the farm or have your sod delivered.



One pallet of Bermuda 419 is $150.

Delivery charges can vary according to location but average around $75

Payment must be paid for C.O.D. or prior to delivery. All major credit cards are accepted.

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